Vietnam Veteranos: Chicanos Recall the War

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Cossentino on Flores, 'Marine Sergeant Freddy Gonzalez, Vietnam War Hero' | H-War | H-Net

He told a childhood friend that he would never return to Vietnam. He woke screaming in the night.

Flores might have enriched his analysis had he done more to consider his sources in light of the existing scholarship on the social history of the Vietnam-era military. Yet his sources, which often appear unabridged and with little authorial comment, evince an unacknowledged tension. His extensive reliance on lengthy and often meandering block quotations without endnotes, a bibliography, or other conventional means of scholarly citation is also problematic.

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Flores identifies his sources in the text in most cases, although many vague references are essentially useless for attribution purposes. Two pages of his discussion of the battle for Hue City closely paraphrase U. Marines in Vietnam: The Defining Year, , without crediting that source pp.

Vietnam veteranos : Chicanos recall the war

The assumptions that shaped US policy in Vietnam were not bound by the corridors of national power in the mids, but deeply embedded in the larger society. Flores independently published the biography under review in comparable form as John W. See also the oral history collections Charley Trujillo, ed. Name of resource. Problem URL.

Mexican American Machismo in the Vietnam War

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Summary One of the most decorated groups that served in the Vietnam War, Chicanos fought and died in numbers well out of proportion to their percentage of the United States' population. Yet despite this, their wartime experiences have never received much attention in either popular media or scholarly studies. To spotlight and preserve some of their stories, this book presents substantial interviews with Chicano Vietnam veterans and their families that explore the men's experiences in combat, the war's effects on the Chicano community, and the veterans' postwar lives.