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Availability: In Stock. Angel authority Diana Cooper takes the listener on a guided meditation that allows believers to join Archangel Gabriel, the messenger angel who brings guidance. Also including the use of two crystals--garnet for inspiration and clear quartz to enhance psychic gifts--this meditation offers clarity, encouragement, and motivation. Sign Up to receive our online or printed catalogs.

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Lidiya K. The Abbotts. Did He not love me so inexpressibly, He would not have suffered for me. I understand now why He died for me, because He loved me as a father loves his son—not as a human father merely, but as the Eternal Father the Eternal Son.

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  5. I see now the meaning of that else inexplicable humiliation: He preferred to regain me rather than to create new worlds. How constant is He in His affection! He has loved us from the time of Adam. He has said from the beginning, "I will never leave thee nor forsake thee.

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    He did not forsake me. He found me out and regained me. He made a point of it—He resolved to restore me, in spite of myself, to that blessedness which I was so obstinately set against. And now what does He ask of me, but that, as He has loved me with an everlasting love, so I should love Him in such poor measures as I can show.

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    O mystery of mysteries, that the ineffable love of Father to Son should be the love of the Son to us! Why was it, O Lord? What good thing didst Thou see in me a sinner? Why wast Thou set on me? Complete Thy work, O Lord, and as Thou hast loved me from the beginning, so make me to love Thee unto the end. August 18, As an army puts itself in battle array, as sailors, before an action, clear the decks, as dying men make their will and then turn to God, so though our Lord could never cease to speak good words, did He sum up and complete His teaching, and then commence His passion.

    Then He removed by His own act the prohibition which kept Satan from Him, and opened the door to the agitations of His human heart, as a soldier, who is to suffer death, may drop his handkerchief himself. At once Satan came on and seized upon his brief hour. An evil temper of murmuring and criticism is spread among the disciples.

    One was the source of it, but it seems to have been spread. A woman came and anointed His sacred head. The action spread a soothing tender feeling over His pure soul.

    It was a mute token of sympathy, and the whole house was filled with it. It was rudely broken by the harsh voice of the traitor now for the first time giving utterance to his secret heartlessness and malice. Thus in the midst of the sweet calm harmony of that feast at Bethany, there comes a jar and discord; all is wrong: sour discontent and distrust are spreading, for the devil is abroad.