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Seven Soldiers Omnibus HC ( DC) By Grant Morrison comic books

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Seven Soldiers Omnibus by Grant Morrison Overview

The main chronology spans nine novels, which can be grouped into three sections: The Books of the North recount the Company's dealings with the Empire of Lady; The Books of the South follow the Company on its journey back to its beginnings in Khatovar; Glittering Stone sees the Company achieve victory over its employer's enemies, and move on to its destiny.

Additionally, there is one spin-off novel, The Silver Spike , which follows events concerning former members of the Company and one of its adversaries. Goyer as executive producer.

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Eliza Dushku will also produce and play the Lady. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.


This article is about the series of novels. For the medieval mercenary band, see Black Company. Ask it above.

Stone Soldiers Omnibus 1 By C. A collection of the first three books in the Stone Soldiers series: Mythical--two teens are drawn into a world of supernatural warfare when they stumble across the petrified body of Colonel Mark Kenslir in the Arizona desert.

Demonsouled Omnibus One

Kenslir returns to life but suffers from partial amnesia. With the help of the two teens, he sets out to recover his memories and complete his last mission--stop a prehistoric shapeshifter that steals the shaoe and memories of victims by tearing out and eating their hearts.

Brothers in Stone--Colonel Kenslir sets out to rebuild his team of super soldiers when reports arrive that a new shapeshifter is on the loose in America. But this shapeshifter is not alone.

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Now two prehistoric monsters are on the loose and decide to take the fight to the Colonel.