Spoiled Lunch and Other Creepy Tales

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Permuted Press, Each story starts fresh, and the result is a splendid variety of topics.

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Some of them expected others, not so much. I loved this collection. While some of the stories weren't the type of thing I would normally read they were all thought provoking and highly imaginative. The tales were well written with each of the authors doing a great job twisting the second chance down a darker path.

The settings were established excellently and the characters had distinctive voices.

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The descriptions were laid in nicely leaving me with an excellent sense of place and time. The only criticism I have is that a few typographical errors sneaked in. That being said, I enjoyed the concept and looked forward to reading each story. It was a fun read! If you like time travel then this is well worth reading. I have not read any of these authors' works before. Highly recommended for adult readers. Reviewed by Aaron Fletcher. Dark Regions Press, ISBN Ramsey Campbell is, in a word, brilliant.

Each and every story is a master class in how to write thoughtful, literary fiction within the horror genre. The characters you find in this collection are all very real, vividly imagined and put on display. Campbell puts you inside their head with ease and you feel the weight of each situation as they play out slowly. These are stories that are claustrophobic and menacing, but grounded in a realism that allows the terror to germinate and take root. Trust me on that.

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Take this passage, for instance:. Their combined weight bowed the lowest branches while they extended arms like withered sticks to snatch the child. Holes for Faces is a must-read for Ramsey Campbell fans, collecting his best stories from this fledgling century we find ourselves in. Campbell yet, then I can think of no better place to start. Reviewed by Bob Freeman. We have a take two review below from Drake Morgan. Ramsey Campbell is a powerhouse name in horror and in his latest, Holes for Faces , he offers up a collection of short stories.


For those already well-versed, it might feel a bit too familiar. If that sounds contradictory, it is. In the long British tradition, he takes the mundane events of life and gives them a most sinister twist. The fear is subtle and sublime; creeping up on you and catching you unaware. For old and new readers alike, he lures you into the shadows quite wonderfully. The difficulty for those familiar with his work is characterization and theme.


The stories here have a common thread that when read all together can feel too close to his other work. Campbell is still a stellar, much needed voice in horror. The vague sense of unease that grows into sheer terror is a welcome change from splatter and gore; there is always the question of where reality has ended and madness has begun. This would fit perfectly in an adult library. Contains: some violence. Reviewed by Drake Morgan. PS Publishing, ISBN: The themes here represent the Gothic tradition as it was meant to be, but updated and fresh for modern readers.

The unique element to this collection is its diversity. While the windswept heaths of Northern England raise the hairs on the back of our necks, Olsen reminds us that fear lurks in every shadow of every culture. Themes of cultural oppression, the evil claws of colonialism still deeply embedded in the back of certain nations , feminine sacrifice to ancient traditions with hidden shackles, and other literary facets pepper the tales and elevate them beyond mere horror stories.

But the bride awakes to discover she is in a nightmarish world populated by dead brides and poison. To give away the end a bit, she awakes from this dream to find all is well. But is it? Lanagan presents a strong feminist subtext on the nature of the marriage rite as an oppressive trap for women, even in our modern, post-feminist movement time. Hers is but one example of how the authors here are not afraid to step out of genre and into literature in order to create a more compelling story. The authors here clearly understand the Gothic literary tradition, and Olsen has assembled a powerhouse of new masters.

Deftly weaving the haunting siren songs of the Gothic tradition pain, madness, illusions, fear within a modern framework, this collection lures you in from start to finish. This collection would fit well in an adult literary fiction section. Contains: scenes of violence, strong language, sexual references.

Wayne Miller. Dark Renaissance Books, Available: Paperback, Kindle edition. Previously published, many of the poems appeared in magazines and limited-edition publications that have long been unavailable. A man is seeking answers in dreams, metaphors, and images, but there are none to be found. The man keeps seeking, but his search is in vain.

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Boston often uses nature as a metaphor for the darkness within the human species. Boston parallels the decay of nature to the decay of the human soul, thus creating a terrifying dual descent into darkness. Hope, despair, anger, and fear are there, often all contained within the same line. In one moment he can make you soar, and the next, tear the wind from your wings in agony. Wilson, Illustrated by Jill Bauman. Available: Paperback and e-book.

The works here are menacing, mesmerizing, challenging, and difficult. In other words, exactly what poetry was meant to be. Addison and Wilson work well in conflict. Each line is a challenge to the next. A dare. A temptation. Even the structure of many of the poems reflects a fractured world full of more questions than answers. Using the modernist approach to poetry in both lyrical structure and form, Addison and Wilson have created a work of dark wonder. Heavily illustrated, the images draw forth elements from the poems without giving away their secrets; complements to the work, but not solutions to the dark shadows.

This collection would sit nicely in any adult poetry section, including a modernist section. Modern poetry is a very challenging animal. In the post-modernist wake, form, style, and function have been tossed to the wind in favor of a less structured approach.


At times this can feel a bit like anarchy. Modern genre poetry is even more difficult as it fuses the elements of genre onto this chaotic new world. But as I read, the light of understanding went on.

see Crawford and Boston took on a daunting task. They had a story to tell. Shadow City is a place, both real and unreal. This could have been a novel, but the poetic form allows for a subtle exploration that captivates the reader in a way a novel cannot. Poetry is about a single line or a single word used to convey a thousand thoughts. Crawford and Boston build a world on a tightrope of words and we believe. As a fan of the Gothic poets, modern poetry and I have not often found a comfortable place.

Genre poetry has been even less satisfying as far too much of it falls into the descriptive rather than the imaginative. A perfect addition to any adult, modern poetry library section.

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Contains: occasional references to violence. Cutting Block Press; Volume 1 edition, Available: Kindle. What draws the authors of the stories in this anthology together is the opportunity to raise money for amFAR, an AIDS research foundation. This anthology, assembled by the team at Cutting Block Press, publishers of the Horror Library series, should be an eye-opener. Horror writers are a tightly knit group, generally willing to face their demons and those of society head on--without shields or filters. Rocky Wood opens the effort with an introduction sure to elicit a tear to anyone who has ever met the man.

The president of the Horror Writers' Association has done a world of good for the organization and has befriended many with just a handshake and a hello; he is truly the heart of a genre.

Knowing his fight with ALS makes his words even more poignant but his personality and devotion to people and many causes have remained constant from the first time this reviewer met him years ago.