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I soon realized this was not a matter of entertainment but serious business for the dog. How many times have we believers chased something Jesus has already promised us in the Word? We already have what we need, we just don't know it. Eric J. Freeman, Columbia, South Carolina. A Special Order. I stood in line, waited my turn, placed my order, and paid my money. After waiting a few minutes, the cashier asked me to stand to the side. As I stood on the sideline I watched others arrive, place their orders, receive their food, and leave.

I then explained to him that though I placed my order a while ago, I had not received anything. I even told him how other people who ordered after me had gotten their orders filled and left already. I was a bit upset. He then asked what I ordered. I told him a double cheeseburger with no onions, extra pickles, and extra ketchup. Your order is a special order and special orders always take longer. Derrick Hughes, Memphis, Tennessee. A Dry Socket. Some time ago I suffered from a bad tooth.

I had to have it pulled. I went to the dentist and she pulled it. She had me watch a video giving instructions on what to do and what not to do after leaving her office. I went home with a sore mouth. After three days of continued pain I called the dentist back to complain about the extremely uncomfortable pain.

She told me to come back in immediately, so I did.

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She asked if I had been drinking liquids out of a straw. Without the blood flowing you will not heal. Somebody has a dry situation going on in their life and what you need is to let the blood of Jesus flow. Without that blood you will not be healed. What can wash away my sin? Nothing but the blood of Jesus. What can make us whole again? Seeking the Presence of God. When I get home from a long day of work, I usually rest on the couch. Michael Hych, Memphis, Tennessee. My favorite movie is Tombstone. Earp is the hero in the movie and his best friend is a guy named Doc Holiday.

They are dealing with a villain named Ringo. He can never kill enough or steal enough to fill it. I was headed to law school at the University of Michigan before I made a conscious decision to attend Oberlin Graduate School of Theology. I felt an inward pull to pursue exclusively theological training. It was a troubling experience for me, and it has been only in the last three or four years that I have come to some understanding of it.

I was headed for the law. I do not think that the accident to which I referred occurred so that I would be called. But through the tragedy of that automobile accident, I believe the Lord was calling me to another advocacy, and I turned toward it. I do not know what my life would have been like if I had rejected the call, but I do know that I was miserable until I committed myself to this work.

I take pride in being that, since the Lord is an excellent client.

Proctor, Samuel D. Fleeing from Death.

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One particularly gripping scene stands out in my memory. The servant of an estate goes into the city to buy some provisions. In the play, death is portrayed as a blonde woman in a trench coat. I was startled to see him here in the village because I have a date with him tonight in Samarkand. My wife and I moved our daughter from public to private school, and in doing so we discovered that public school ran about two grades behind private.

She was also the only African American in her class. She knew that it was a blessing to be in private school, but it just seemed to be so hard. Eugene Gibson, Memphis, Tennessee.

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Christ Shed Blood. I got the scar when I was a boy in a dusty ghetto in Tidewater. We went into his yard as quiet as mice with sneakers on. But he had a premonition of our coming, and somehow our intentions had been radared into him. And out of the darkness and the stillness, there he emerged wielding an ax handle, and he came after us one by one.

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I escaped him when I made a move like O. Simpson and darted for the fence, and I scaled the fence. That nail left the biggest, ugliest scar on my knee for all of these years.

My knee was ripped open for stealing peaches. Christian Effectiveness.

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I also noticed their bowling stances. Some of the styles are sweet. One House Left Standing. When Hurricane Ike crashed ashore in Texas with mph winds, it left almost nothing behind in the small, coastal town of Gilchrist. Aerial photographs taken after the storm revealed that the neighborhood that stretched for miles along the narrow peninsula had been swept away with just one exception: a single home was left standing, seemingly untouched.

It was surreal. As the only house still standing amid the wasteland that surrounded it, many wondered if the house in the photos was fake. The secret to the strength was in the fortified and raised foundation that the house was on. Delivered in , by Mark Jefferson. Big Fruit.

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I noticed they have a thing some botanist came up with called Jack Fruit. Well, these botanists have come up with a way to produce the largest vegetation on the planet. All because the soil has been textured and tailored to give the proper growth. That uniquely gifted preacher, Howard Thurman, had preceded me there as preacher for some occasion.