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Yet a meta-analysis of studies spanning sixty years of research shows that team building does indeed have positive and measurable effects on team performance. With some forethought, you can plan activities that elicit more high fives than eye rolls and still fit your budget. The goal is to get your team to genuinely relax, have fun, and cultivate camaraderie in a natural way.

As a leader, you model behavior and build relationships with each employee so you can help them develop and reach their highest potential. If your sales team is in a slump, are you echoing their worries and complaints out loud? Are your actions reflecting a fear mindset, and are you taking fewer risks? A key driver for motivation is feeling valued at work.

The study found five top factors in making an employee feel valued:. Great sales leaders make it a priority to make a few sales calls each day side by side with their team for a period of time. Have a discussion with each of your teammates about their future career goals and help them set up a path to get there. Employees have competing responsibilities on their plates that make it hard to be productive, so your value-add as a sales leader is to help them prioritize. For example, take stock of all of the selling tasks a rep must perform one day and prioritize the three most important initiatives.

Allow them to optimize their schedules and focus on those three things for one week, or one month, so they can make more positive steps forward on key initiatives, get more small wins under their belts, and see their return on investment. Top sales leaders find ways to lighten their reps CRM responsibilities and work directly with marketing to help develop sales enablement collateral. Does your sales force have easy access to blog posts, case studies, videos, websites, and whitepapers? You can also invest in tools to simplify how collateral is stored; the average company stores its content in complicated ways, across five to six repositories on average, which reps find difficult to search.

Top performers like to feel challenged, but it takes a balance of challenging tasks and daily tastes of progress and success to keep a team motivated over the long-term and prevent burnout. If the goals assigned to a sales team are all too challenging, and even the top performers on your team are unable to achieve them, you are either not providing enough guidance and mentorship or the goals are simply not realistic.

Involve your team in finding creative new approaches to sales problems, then allow them to experiment. It can take a wide perspective on a narrow problem to find a solution. Books, webinars, and podcasts are widely accessible and low-cost ways to find inspiration. If you have a budget, send team members to third-party conferences and host onsite trainings.

You can also establish mentorship programs to pair senior and junior salespeople to increase learning on the job. This is great for both long-term career development and short-term problem solving at work. Get your team to brainstorm ideas for how to tackle sales goals. Not only does this increase a sense of ownership and motivation, you might come out with some brilliant ideas to reach targets.

Facilitate virtual brainstorming sessions for example, over chat and encourage employees to brainstorm individually. These methods are shown to produce more results, more creativity, and a higher personal satisfaction with the ideas generated. Check out more guidance and research on how to set up the most productive online brainstorming session. Allow your team to run small tests of new ideas that come up in your brainstorming sessions, from making a unique business recommendation to a customer or varying the way sales reps talk about key value propositions.

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And who knows? Maybe these experiments will reveal a winning strategy. The best sales managers leave no stone unturned to figure out which motivation techniques are most effective for each member of their sales team. It takes a unique combination for each person depending on their level of experience, career goals, personality, and relationships with managers and peers — and finding the right recipe may take months of testing and revisiting this list of strategies. Contact Sales Get Recruited. How do I motivate my sales team?

Bring your mission to life Make progress concrete by documenting customer success stories internally. Walk the walk of company values Your company values are closely tied to your mission and vision and create a certain quality standard for operating your business. Track and share weekly wins Sharing small wins with another person multiplies the morale-boosting effect. Look for positive metrics in your tracking systems Sales activity metrics can be a great way to find small wins that demonstrate steps in the right direction. Reward and recognize the sales team publicly Do you acknowledge the entire sales team for their contributions and celebrate their successes in a way that the whole company can recognize them?

How often do you use the following tactics? Run a contest Start a sales contest.

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Get these 20 motivational techniques in an easy to use, printable checklist. There are currently 2 part-time commissioned external sales people. She sells Sportsuchtig' products to her students and others that come to her store. There is another saleswoman who pulls a trailer of Sportsuchtig products with her when she goes to softball tournaments around the region. These relationships and channels for sales will be investigated and formalized into a sales program if deemed beneficial. Web sales are handled electronically via the internet store Shopping Cart or via phone sales representatives taking calls on the telephone number.

These sales representatives need to be thoroughly trained in product offerings and have good phone communication skills. They need to be trained to follow a general sales script when dealing with customers. Having good images of products and detailed product benefits and features on the Web site is critical to getting the customers to commit to an online purchase without talking with a sales representative.

A functioning site search engine that helps customers locate product also needs to be added to the internet site. The following table and chart give a run down on forecasted sales.

Create a sales plan

We expect sales in year 1 to be flat as the new owner comes into operating the business. Businesses generally see a sales decline in the first year of new ownership. This growth forecast is based on the assumption that the company acts on the keys to success outlined earlier in this plan: upgrade the website, relocate the existing retail store, negotiate optimal agreements with the major suppliers, expand the product line by offering equipment for additional sports, create an outside sales team that calls on schools, leagues, and associations, train employees, train or hire a store manager, advertisement and promotion, build a reliable operations infrastructure, be an active member of the community, and ensure through daily management practices that the values of The Sportsuchtig mission are followed.

We will look to relocate the store near the end of year 1, which should help position us for increased retail sales beginning in year 2. The website and internet store will be redesigned after the first 6 months and the Web marketing strategy will be timed to coincide with the implementation of the new site.


Expansion into at least one new product participant segment will be planned for each year, beginning in year 1. An outside sales team manager will be hired in year 1 but ramp up of the sales team is not planned until early in year 2. The other assumption built into the forecast is that gross margins will be flat in year 1 but able to be continually improved through years This assumption is based on improved purchase agreements with major suppliers and better inventory management, so that fewer products have to be discounted at product season end.

The sales forecast could turn downward if the outside sales team has difficulty gaining traction. The competition is comfortably entrenched in the segments to be targeted, so success is not guaranteed. This schedule reflects our strong committment to organization and detail. Milestone responsibility is assigned to the functional departments in the company - Sales, Marketing, HR, Operations, and President's Office. The marketing strategy of Sportsuchtig centers on defining our market niche in terms that benefit our customer.

Retail and internet store marketing will be integrated and synchronized. We plan to establish a consistent and coherent marketing plan and calendar that take into account and utilize all effective forms of publicity, advertising, and other marketing tools. Specific strategies that will potentially be used are as follows:.

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All marketing decisions with regard to specific media choices, frequency, size, and expenditures will be conducted on an on-going basis with careful considerations of returns generated. All marketing vehicles and channels will be tracked for results.

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Sportsuchtig looks to establish itself competitively as a unique sporting goods provider in the local metropolitan area and internet sports market through its product offerings, the scope and level of services it provides, and the expertise of its employees. Products: Sourced through established and internationally-known manufacturers, the products offered provide a high level of quality and value to the consumer.

The depth and range of products will be extensive, separating us from others in the marketplace.