Living a Spirituality of Action: A Womans Perspective

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I especially like the way Mueller interprets the Bible story about Martha and Mary. Martha seems to represent all the practical and productive women who would like some help, but never get it. So the book brings us back to the joy and satisfaction of our ministry, whatever that may be.

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If we are depleted of grace, how can we offer it to others? This book is recommended for individual or group reading and discussion. By Cardinal Walter Kasper. In this book Cardinal Kasper explores the meaning of mercy and the role it must plan in the life of the Church and the world. He calls for rethinking the Christian understanding of God and how mercy is understood in Scripture and theology.

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  • The book explores the relationship between mercy and justice and the value of spiritual works of mercy and justice in society. This book is a wonderful story of how Kerry attempted to accomplish the Matthew 25 works of mercy within the forty days of Lent. It is an easy read with 25 brief chapters.

    See the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel article "Second chances? Not for black men with criminal records". By Gary Smith, SJ. For more than twenty-five years, Gary Smith, S. Through a series of compelling vignettes that read like personal journal entries, Smith chronicles his life and work in the poverty-stricken Old Town section of Portland, Oregon. In his touching and often heart-breaking stories, Smith reveals the gritty reality of life on the streets, introduces many of the people who have touched his life, and shares hard-won wisdom on love, acceptance, and forgiveness.

    As a passionate and dedicated advocate for the poor, Smith addresses the major problems and important issues facing this growing population.

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    From the ravages of mental illness and addiction to struggles for affordable housing and quality health care, Smith brings attention to problems that many choose to ignore. She Who Brings Peace. Megan McKenna. Strength for the Struggle. Insights from the civil Rights Movement and Urban Ministry.

    Joseph W. Ellwanger is a retired Evangelical Lutheran Church in America pastor.

    Spiritual Life, Spiritual Direction God in You, Part 1

    He served nine years as pastor of an African American congregation, St. Paul Lutheran, , in Birmingham, Alabama. From through , he was pastor of Cross Lutheran, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, in the central-city African American community, leading the congregation from 95 percent white in to 75 percent black by The author's deep hope is that this book will feed the faith and stoke the fire of courage for that holy struggle, which never ends while we are on this earth. Urban Injustice, How Ghettos Happen.

    By David Hilfiker, M. We offer education, job skills, parenting skills and more. This approach presumes that the primary cause of poverty rests with the poor person. In this short book Hilfiker considers poverty from a different vantage point. Drawing on his experience living in the inner city and working as a doctor to people in need, Hilfiker shares what he learned about the social structures that keep people impoverished.

    Historically, people have always moved from place to place for many reasons. Our own ancestors came to this country for various reasons, chiefly, to seek a better life. Many of them were driven out of their birth countries by war, famine, poverty, persecution or adventure. For the most part, they were legal immigrants, but in the past, immigration poicies were definitely more inclusive.

    Women in the Work of Salvation

    Now immigration is more tightly controlled and penalties for transgressions are severe. Immigration has become a sticky issue and a perceived security threat to our country. This book manages to address many sides of the issue in a simple and understandable way. The authors reveal their own backgrounds and what drove them to enter the immigration debate also. Because of the complex issues, this book is best read slowly. Spend a few minutes every day with the Holy Father as you read a brief meditation by him followed by a few reflection questions designed to help you ponder and receive God's love.

    God doesn't tire of us, Pope Francis has said, but "we are the ones who tire of seeking his mercy. Hear me!

    What Am I Here For? Being Contemplatives in Action

    I need your strength and wisdom. Let me walk in beauty, and make my eyes Ever hold the red and purple sunset. Make my hands respect the things you have made And my ears sharp to hear your voice. Make me wise so that I may understand The things you have taught my people. Our selective memory is really rather amazing, that we have not noted this clear pattern in the Scriptures. Could that be what we mean by patriarchy? Men love to move things and experience themselves as "agents" of change.

    According to social psychologists, most males prefer from childhood to experience themselves as initiators of movement -- fixing, rescuing, building up and tearing down the world. Males like to test their embodiment against the pressures and invitations of reality, and "superheroes" are often their favorite action toys. Men also don't really trust or admire a process, a group or a religion if it does not ask a lot of them.

    They like to push, but they also respect being pushed back in the right way. Men are inclined toward a most lovely and beautiful heroism whenever possible and find their power through facing or creating! Heroic "sacrifice" creates men at their best and at their worst.

    Living a Spirituality of Action: A Woman's Perspective

    This agentic quality is in counterpoint to the relational preference of most women. Most women prefer circles of sharing to pyramids and hierarchies. They prefer conversation to construction. They will usually choose nurturance and empathy over competition and climbing. They will normally choose connection over simple performance games. In my opinion, most organized religion does neither agentic service nor relational nurturance very well.

    It usually gives men little to do, little to move and little to build. It also puts a particular kind of male, educated in philosophy and theology, in charge of the nurturing, relational world of Christianity, asking of them a kind of pastoral work for which they are frequently not gifted. We end up with lots of preaching and very little healing. We end up with the "edifice complex" instead of a house of hospitality. We end up with "worthiness contests" instead of ministries of reconciliation, peacemaking, prison or hospital visitation, bereavement work, etc. If our Trinitarian God is relationship itself, how can we live inside of this Mystery without deep capacities for relatedness, connectivity and mutuality?

    We both lose out, unless there is real Encounter for both genders. At that point God takes over and gives the male or female soul what only God knows it needs. Gender cues and biases are now impediments.

    Living a Spirituality of Action : A Woman's Perspective

    In the end, a true spirituality is one that affirms men and women at the level of their deepest identity, their true selves in God, an objective and ontological ground -- actually much deeper than mere gender, which is always in cultural flux. Ironically and paradoxically, this non-gendered and theological foundation is what most deeply affirms them precisely as males or females in the long run. And then, as now, Christians were asking, what does it mean to be a disciple of this Jesus, crucified and raised?

    Wolf explores this question in five chapters that walk the reader through the Gospel of Mark, with each chapter exploring a different section of scripture. Throughout the text, Wolf tells of her own experiences as a pastor and community organizer, recognizing the power of these and other stories to heal, transform, liberate, and unshackle.

    She is also an ordained elder in the Tennessee Annual Conference.