DOG DAZE: Dont Forget the Liver

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Post a Comment. Actually, Mom might be the one who should take warning; I'm not sure Daisy was super keen on being awoken before dawn to do something that didn't involve barking at wildlife. Poor Daisy. She gets tortured so and by "tortured", I mean being force-fed liver snacks while sitting and looking sulky. Just because she's a photogenic black dog. Mom promises to scope out more interesting locations before I get dragged out join her in one of these pre-dawn adventures.

I should note that Mom finds these photos amusing because, well, let's face it, Daisy's personality comes through quite clearly. And apart of me says no. In dire need of advice. Also he sleeps all day. But when i put him out he walks around. Some days he just plops himself down in the yard.

If their is anyone that can help me. I would greatly appreciated. My husband and I have been struggling with this decision for a few days. Our beloved Happy is a 12 year old fox terrier. He always loved food, but now refuses to eat much of anything. He will get up when he hears me, but I can tell he is sick. Vet tried 3 days of fluids and support. They believe he has liver cancer. Its so incredibly difficult and my heart is broken, but I know its the right thing.

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Thanks again for sharing. I am reading these comments and watching my boy Harley. I am certain that he is the most handsome, devoted, and loving pet anyone could have. He is a sixteen year old bichon who was paralyzed due to a ruptured disc ten years ago. He went through surgery, physical therapy, and with constant work began to walk again after a year.

It was a funny stilted walk, but he ran and played and wagged his droopy tail with the best of them. A year ago he began to fall more often, and had a harder time getting up. Our wonderful vet prescribed a number of meds that helped somewhat.

dog daze part duh

About six months ago Harley quit trying to walk. But he scooted to chase his ball and played continually with his brother. About two months ago he quit playing or at least moving around. His appetite has continued to be hearty. He is more thirsty than before. He still likes to cuddle and wags his tail when he is pleased. His eyesight is poor but his nose is in great shape. He can smell food a mile away. He is now sleeping most of the time. He wears what we call a piddle pad, a doggie diaper. He still knows when he needs to poop. I got a doggie stroller so that he could continue walks.

He is so alert when we are walking. The last few days I have begun to question my selfishness. I am trying to determine if his quality of life is good enough. I am trying to listen to him, but I am selfishly wanting to keep him. Our lab only lasted a couple a months after he quit playing ball, and it sounds like your dog is on a similar trajectory.

Thank you for your response. He has been checked for diabetes. Kidneys, good.

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No infections. My guess is that asking for a drink of water is one of the things he can still do and it is almost a form of communication. I have a 10 year old Rottweiler named Toby. Toby has been my Service Dog for about 7 years. He is a Seizure Alert Dog. Over the past few months however, he has been to the vet three times. He has very bad hips and is now on pain meds and steroid shots. Toby has changed dramatically in just a few weeks. I stopped taking him with me because he struggles so much to get in the car and while riding. He has cataracts in both eyes and can hardly see. He acts as if something is chasing him all the time.

Here is an example: if he is going to the bedroom, he does it at full speed as if he is afraid of something. He Goes so fast that he falls and runs into things on his way. He has stopped eating and even started growling at absolutely nothing. This frightens me because I have three children. Toby has been my very best friend and I dead the decision.

But the only thing that he seems to enjoy is me petting him. Do you think it could be psychological. What would you do? It could be his hips are still painful despite the meds. That is usually a sure sign that something is wrong. Today my beloved Tiger went to Doggie Heaven. He had really bad arthritis but was still getting around ever so slowly.

This morning when we got up I knew.

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He still refusing food and barely drinking any water. He decides to try to eat a treat and fell over while trying to get it.

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After holding him for quite some time I knew it was time. This column helped me understand that he was telling me it was time. He reaffirmed that time at the vet by giving me kisses when we got there and laid his head on my chest.

I love him so much, have so many happy memories. He s a well traveled dog and I know he lived a very full and happy life. In the last few days, he has stopped eating and cannot go outside the house and get back in without assistance. My whole family is heartbroken.


I really wish they could talk and tell us what the deal is to make the decision easier. I just called the vet and they said the vet will call me back later in the day. Not eating and not going outside are two strong indicators he could be ready. Hopefully the vet will help you figure out what to do. I have a basset hound that is almost He is such a wonderful dog! I love him so very much it hurts to think about having to put him down in the near future.

In the last year he has really slowed down to a crawl almost.

The once energetic bassey who loved to run and play. The same boy who would lay at my feet whenever I did anything. Over the last 2 years he has started getting more and more tumors on his body.