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As long as Bruce is operating as Batman, he must hold onto that memory and never let go. Thus, one can only wonder who would have possessed Gotham City had Thomas not saved Carmine. Perhaps he was too human and sympathetic.

Additionally, his intentions were genuine because he was a good man and a good father. Through this perception, Bruce does indeed parallel Thomas. On the other side of this story, we see Carmine as a father. He continuously expresses indifference towards his children, particularly when it comes to their involvement in his business affairs. Interestingly, despite the fractured state of the Falcones, there are still those who would do anything to have even a semblance of family.

She almost appears envious of the father-daughter interaction despite its awkwardness. She believes Gotham City consumes people, good people, and turns them into something unrecognizable. She wonders if the Harvey Dent she fell in love with will ever return to her or if his duties have changed from maintaining loyalty to his family to what he believes to be justice. Considering the way Gilda speaks though, she seems to believe that day will never come. Gotham City has sucked all the hope out of her. To Gilda, Harvey has fallen too far into the abyss.

So, the only way to get him back is to follow him in the dark and accept the consequences.

Before that moment takes place though, Gilda confronts her husband after she finds a. In this moment, she actually believes that her husband could be capable of being a serial killer. He no longer feels the need to suppress the violence from within as his duality is now exposed. She knew. She knew what her husband was capable of, and she knew that all he needed was a little push. Chapter twelve depicts a scarred Dent escaping into the sewers of the city. He meets Grundy, who surprisingly inspires him.

Batman The Long Halloween

Dent asks himself:. The answer is he can and he has. The Gemini. He was reduced to one persona. The loss of Dent is one that strikes a chord with Batman. In a confrontation with Gordon, Batman refuses to believe that Dent could be capable of the Holiday killings. Gordon believes Batman has been too close to the situation and too close to Dent. Batman reached out to Dent. He believed Dent to be an ally and a friend. Now, the man once known as Harvey Dent will become one of his greatest enemies. Thus, Batman is experiencing a tragedy.

His faith in Gotham and its people has been struck. As a result, Batman enters a state of limbo in which he must determine how to be a hero when his faith has been compromised and not go down the same path Dent did.

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After shooting and killing Sal Maroni, Alberto reveals himself to be Holiday. He feels as though the blood is on his hands.

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However, Batman ultimately escapes his limbo when Gordon reminds him of his identity. Batman remains a symbol of hope despite his shortcomings.

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Later, we come to discover that Alberto claimed to be Holiday to spite his father. Falcone never allowed him to be a part of his business affairs, but now Alberto is more notorious than his father will ever be. Thus, Alberto decides notoriety is better than invisibility. Despite this reveal, the story is far from over. Now, he perceives randomness as order. To Two-Face, randomness is the only way in which true justice can be served.

Chaos brought upon by criminals is often random; therefore, the punishment to chaos should be like so. The mafia never had a chance. Gotham City belongs to the costumed villains who have nothing to lose. During his arrest, he claims that there were, in fact, two Holiday killers.

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Now, despite his shortcomings in the Holiday killings and the fact that no one won in the end, Batman still maintains hope upon the end of the story. Batman vows to continue upholding his promise to his parents because he believes there are still good people in Gotham City. Despite the darkness that consumes the city, he believes there is still a light waiting to break through it, and he is its herald.

He only assumed the title to spite his father and die in notoriety.

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The true Holiday Killer of this story is Gilda Dent. In order to have the life she wanted with her husband, she decided to take matters into her own hands. Holiday kills a number of Maroni's men with a car bomb. Wayne is pricked by a rose given to him by Poison Ivy and falls under her control. Catwoman fights Poison Ivy and rids Wayne of her influence. Batman suspects Holiday is Harvey Dent. The Riddler is employed by Falcone to determine Holiday's identity but can come to no firm conclusion.

When the Riddler is kicked out of Falcone's office, Holiday shoots a number of bullets in an outline around the Riddler. Gordon is still trying to find Wayne to confront him about his connections to Falcone. When Wayne sees Gordon in the streets, Wayne hallucinates that Gordon is the robber who killed Wayne's parents and flees.

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Wayne is arrested at his mother's grave. In jail, Wayne recalls his father operating on Carmine Falcone at the request of Carmine's father. Holiday kills Maroni's father on Father's Day. Wayne is acquitted by a jury, which makes Dent believe justice is nothing but a coin flip.

Maroni offers to help Dent prosecute Falcone. Falcone's daughter Sofia convinces Maroni to help Falcone attack Dent. At the hospital Dent stabs his doctor and escapes.