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The singer has 67 in total. Many were inspired by events that have occurred in his life, while others are ironic inside jokes e. Styles enjoys a good romantic movie or comedy now and then. The prospect was so daunting, he regularly vomited before various shows. During the season of X Factor , Styles auditioned solo. However, the real story happened before he even got on stage.

They started their hiatus in 2016

The singer became gravely ill before the performance, and almost missed the audition as a result. Luckily, he was cleared to leave the hospital. However, to this day, the singer still has no idea what caused the illness. Everyone misses their mother at some point, and stars like Styles are no exception. The singer has admitted that he calls his mother up to five times a day.

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Considering the amount of travel he does, she probably receives calls at some of the oddest hours. Before his first audition with X Factor, Styles worked at a local bakery in his hometown of Holmes Chapel in Cheshire. A few years after he skyrocketed to fame, the star threw on an apron and went back to his previous place of employment to work for one day. He can probably bake a mean loaf of bread. The singer is a fan of soccer, but he also has a love for American Football. Specifically, he loves the Green Bay Packers. The number-one thing was I wanted to be honest. His self-titled first album also includes songs that reference a past relationship.

However, like his ex-flame Taylor Swift, the singer will not reveal who is the subject of the songs. There are rumors that it is Swift or Kendall Jenner. He pulled it off with incredible grace and reality.

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